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I LOVE the person who started this community! *huggles*

<3 Bare Beginnings <3

Name: Angie
Age: 24, almost 25
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight, but curious
Location: IL
Schooling: BS in sociology, art therapy and writing

<3 Favourites <3

Number: 4
Musical Groups: Okay, not a group, but: Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Loreena McKennitt, Anna Nalick
CDs: Anna Nalick, "Wreck of the Day," "Afterglow" by Sarah McLachlan
Songs: "Wreck of the Day" by Anna Nalick, "Stumbling to Bethlehem" by Patti Scialfia
Foods: Chicken, fettucinni alfredo
Films: Halloween H20, The Ring, any scary movie, really
Books: The Taking by Dean Koontz
Book Genre: Suspense, horror, romance, anything
Instrument: Hmm...electric guitar
Class/Area of Study: Writing
Fandom: Currently Joan of Arcadia. Previous ones: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Roswell, X-Files, Third Watch
Animal: Guinea pigs!
Article of Clothing: pajamas
Hobbies: Writing, reading, sleeping
Scent: Vanilla
Sensation: taste
Movie Character: Laurie Strode, Halloween I, II, and H20
TV Series: Joan of Arcadia
TV Character: Judith Montgomery, Joan Girardi, Grace Polk--all from JoA
Emoticon: The toothy happy face
Quote: "Maybe it didn't matter if you were a world famous heart throb or a painful geek. Maybe it didn't matter if your friend was possibly dying. Maybe you just got through it. Maybe that was all you could ask for." --From "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" by Ann Brashares.

<3 Six Random Facts Regarding Yourself <3

1) I have two guinea pigs, named Faith and Bosco
2) I work at a domestic violence shelter as an administrative specialist
3) I started the following website:
4) My favorite comic is Lewis Black
5) I am SO far to the left politically I could fall off the liberal map
6) I'm addicted to the Internet

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