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<3 Bare Beginnings <3

Name: Brittani
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight and fucking BOY CRAZY. For nerds.
Location: Missouri
Schooling: Freshie starting this year

<3 Favourites <3

Number: 16
Musical Groups: TMBG, Prince, The Hooters, Aerosmith, Yes, Queen, Def Leppard, Guns n' Roses, The Beatles, Van Halen, Ozzy, Beck, Reel Big Fish, Gorillaz, The Bloodhound Gang, Weird Al Yankovic, Gwen Stefani, Josh Groban, Cat Stevens, Jason Mraz, Fountains of Wayne, Missy Elliott, Henry Mancini, Jewish Traditional Songs such as "Shalom Achelem" or "Hava Nagila"
CDs: my "Guero" Beck album, the majority of my mother's 80's rock CD's. I don't have any TMBG albums... ;-;
Songs: "Museum of Idiots", "Doctor Worm", "The Guitar", "Pet Name", and "Spiraling Shape" by TMBG; "Earthquake Weather" by Beck; "I Want To Break Free", "One Vision", and "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen; "Rocket" by Def Leppard; "Another Saturday Night" by Cat Stevens; "Hearts" by Yes
Foods: Chocolate, cherry pie, Fruity Pebbles, fish, peaches, milk
Films: "The Lion King", "Ms. Doubtfire", ALL of Mel Brooks' movies, the Pink Panther (old) series, "Heavy Metal", Dances With Wolves, Toy Story, Jackie Chan movies, zillions of others
Books: "The Unicorn Chronicles" XD
Book Genre: Fantasy or Fiction
Instrument: Piano, violin, or trumpet
Class/Area of Study: SCIENCE!
Fandom: TMBG, Invader ZIM, slash
Animal: Horse
Article of Clothing: shoes, jewelry
Hobbies: drawing, writing, acting, music
Scent: Lemon
Sensation: Passion
Movie Character: Willy Wonka amuses me.
TV Series: Invader ZIM, South Park, Tripping the Rift, Trigun
TV Character: Vash the Stampede (droooooool)
Emoticon: I love them ALL. ^______^
Quote: "Unicorns. They're like you, only hornier." -some guy from my chatroom

<3 Six Random Facts Regarding Yourself <3

1) All the kids in my family have names that start with a "Br"
2) I am indirectly related to Lillian Bounds, Walt Disney's wife. (she never had actual kids of her own) WHERE'S MAH MONEH? :|
3) I'm half Jewish and other half Italiano, baby!
4) John Linnell voices my sex hormones. He talks to me in my head...all the time...o.o
5) My boyfriend was seven years old when he hosted a television show in his garage that was popular in his area at the time.
6) I love you; John says so.

<3 Imagery! <3</b>

Well, I just love that bikini so much that I just sat around in it all day and looked at John Flansburgh pictures.Okay, this is kinda lewd, but this is an odd sketch that I did for him out of love <3A sketch of Linnell that I did only with a black colored pencil.And a doodle of Eternal Sailor Chibimoon...I plan to vector this picture once I clean it up a bit.
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