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I need your love...

<3 Bare Beginnings <3

Name: Jo
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight w/fiancee <3
Location: Minnesota
Schooling: Some College

<3 Favourites <3

Number: 666... HA, Just kidding... um 7?
Musical Groups: The Offspring, Green Day, Warren Zevon, Areosmith, Rage Against the Machine, Tsunami Bomb, Puffy Ami Yumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, They Might Be Giants, The Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse, Eminem, Weird Al, Queen, The Cranberries, The Pillows, 3 Doors Down, A Perfect Circle, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Tool, Garbage, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Yuki Kaijiura and many, many more not mentioned
CDs: Lots
Songs: Oooh.. too many to name.
Foods: Ice cream, pheasent in mushroom sauce, tart lemonade
Films: The Red Violin, Star Wars (It's a FILM!), Kill Bill, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings
Books: Anything Star Wars, A Night in Lonsome Octoboer, anything Zelazny, Marmalade Boy, Boys Over Flowers, Kare Kano, Naruto, Kenshin, The first two Dragonlance trilogies, Harry Poetter, Shakespeare
Book Genre: Sceince fiction or fantasy, with the ocassional romance novel
Instrument: Violin
Class/Area of Study: Humanities and Literature
Fandom: Naruto, Star Wars, Kenshin... so much more...
Animal: Ferret, dog, cat, anything
Article of Clothing: Mmmm... SOCKS
Hobbies: Playing the Violin, reading, writing, chatting, role playing, listening to music, watching anime and reading manga, drawing
Scent: Vanilla, apple, strawberries...
Sensation: Mmm.. love bites. ^__~
Movie Character: Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine (it's a tie.)
TV Series: American: Monk Overseas: Naruto
TV Character: Monk!
Emoticon: ^_____~
Quote: "It's all lasers with you, I'm telling you, smoke machines are what the people really - AUGH!"

<3 Six Random Facts Regarding Yourself <3

1) I'm a redhead.
2) GIR rocks my socks.
3) I write fanfics and real stuff.
5) 2+2=Fish
6) I wish I was like Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents.

<3 Imagery! <3
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