Chinook McMutton Z (czgoldedition) wrote in liebefuralles,
Chinook McMutton Z

The loofy-luff survey.

1) What is your definition of love?
2) How important is it to you?
3) How do you know when you're in love with someone?
4) Do you believe that certain people are "meant" for each other?
5) When did you first "date" someone?
6) How long of a period of time have you gone without dating someone since?
7) How many different persons have you "dated"?
8) Is love addictive?
9) Do you ever stop to wonder if you've loved just for the sake of loving someone?
10) Is gender an important factor to you?
11) How about intelligence?
12) Sense of humor?
13) Appearance?
14) What particular characteristics do you find attractive in a person (all-encompassing; personality wise, talent wise, physically; whatever)?
15) Can love be one-sided and really still qualify as love?
16) Can love ever die? Is it possible to "fall out of love"?
17) Is love more pain than it's worth in the long run? (AKA is love worth it?)
18) Have you ever wished for the ability to simply eliminate your feelings for certain people?
19) How far would you go for someone you loved?
20) How long would you wait for them, if you had to?
21) How do you tend to express your affection for a mate/potential mate?
22) What responses do these methods generally yield?
23) Does love ever make you feel foolish?
24) Are you happier or unhappier without someone to love?
25) What're your favourite parts of being in a relationship?
26) Finally, how many times did I use the word love in this thinger? XD

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