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I Just Wanna Love More

I'm not immune, I love this tune..

Love for All!
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Here's the place to come if you need a little positive perk! That may sound corny, but it could do everyone a universe of good. The concept is simple: what the world could truly use is a little more love, so fill-out a new-member survey to tell us about yourself.. and the rest of us will gladly tell you what we like about you! After that, you're free to make posts at will - the sky's the limit regarding the topics. Just have fun, be nice (obviously), and try to remember to give all the new folks some great feedback. :D


New Member Fill-out Form Here


Rules to Live By
1) No negative comments whatsoever; no bashing other members, no flame wars.
2) Don't be false! Try to find things you sincerely appreciate about your fellow members.
3) Try to be active, to spread the love. <3


Also of Interest - Misc. Surveys
Love Survey

If you write a survey and would like to have it added to the above list for the enjoyment of fellow members, simply contact me via email - "betazoid12@hotmail.com", or AIM - "Preatorate". Once I've given you the a-ok, if you've already completed an introduction fill-out, simply post it in the main community under an lj-cut and I'll link it up. Thanks!