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I feel the life, I feel the love.

<3 Bare Beginnings <3

Anya Rose Ewing AKA Chinook McMutton Z.
Age: Sixteen.
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Gender blind. Firmly resolved that some things, like love, transdecend gender. But I do tend to prefer the fairer sex, physically. Mmyes. <3
Location: The Middle of Nowhere: Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
Schooling: Currently a student at Chagrin Falls High School.. going into Junior year this next school year. Someday, I'd like to attend an art college and major in illustration and animation.

<3 Favourites <3

What better than the meaning of life itself - 42! Closely followed by 3, as it is a number of celtic significance and I've always rather fancied multiples of 3 for some reason.
Musical Groups: First and foremost, They Might Be Giants. Theen.. in no particular order: 20GOTO10, The Beatles, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Delerium, Sneaker Pimps, Cake, Eiffel65, Morcheeba, Garbage, Robert Miles, Sasha, Santana, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, O-Zone, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Thievery Cooperation, The Postal Service.. and I will go on and on foreveeer more if in the mood to do so. Currently, I am le'tired, and must have a nap before firing ze missles. But yus, I <3 music.
CDs: Impossible question, so I'm not sure why I asked it. XD "John Henry", a la They Might Be Giants, is speaking to me right now. It speeeaks.. yes, whispers and calls my name at night. Except not. And "Tears from the Electric Eye", 20GOTO10's first full-length album. I know, I know.. with a title like that it sounds majorly emo, but it's not at all. It's beautiful surreal techno, and Sarah Eugene's vocals are out of this world. Totally check it out.
Songs: My songs of favour change from day to day, this is another truly impossible question. However, "Constellation" by 20GOTO10 keeps jamming itself in my skull, as does "Sleeping in the Flowers" and "Window" - TMBG. Also, these lyrics keep getting stuck in my head, it's a song often played at work:

When I close my eyes
You're all I see
In the dark of night
You're in my dreams
Throughout the day
You're easy to find
You're always there
When I close my eyes

I looked up who that was by and all the other day, but now I forget. To lazy to at the moment. Sleep beckons for sure once I have completed this. :3
Foods: CHEESE. Anything is good, once smothered in cheese. And Ramen. And Spaghetti-O's. And that right there, plus an excess of chocolate, is sadly a pretty accurate summary of my diet. XD
Films: Hmm.. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Moulin Rouge!, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns, Spaceballs, Balto, Seabiscuit.
Books: First off, anything by Douglas Adams. Meaning all five books of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy (yeah, you read that correctly), Dirk Gently, The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul, and so forth. He was my deity, dear Mr. Adams. Second, anything by Kurt Vonnegut, especially Breakfast of Champions. Third, anything by Peter David, especially Q-Squared, "I,Q", and Imzadi. Then in no definite order.. Diane Duane (So You Want to be a Wizard?, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, et cetera), C.S. Lewis (Narnia, duh), Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, the Last Command, and so forth).. and other random books I like, as opposed to authors I follow devotedly, include Watership Down, 1984, Where the Red Fern Grows, Animal Farm (okay, so perhaps I should've listed George Orwell separately too. Whatev), Lord of the Flies. Seabiscuit... I could go on for pages, and as that is far from necessary, you do get the picture. I <3 books.
Book Genre: I am mostly easily drawn to science fiction and fantasy, for sure.
Instrument: Percussionist through and through.. I <3 my drum set and my marching Quads.
Class/Area of Study: Art and Physics. :D
Fandom: Star Wars, Star Trek, TMBG, and of course furdom.
Animal: Wolf. <3
Article of Clothing: My hair wraps! No, no.. my glasses? =P They probably don't count either. Uhh... t-shirts. *nods daftly*
Hobbies: Drawing, although that's also my job.. fursuiting is a new one for me, drumming, reading, sleeping.. spontaneously starting stuff like this, roleplaying, writing and reading fanfic, playing spider solitaire in hopes of consistently beating it in 4-suit, bike riding.. wasting time, basically. :3
Scent: The smell of things burning, especially on a crisp winter day. A close second it really old books, and third comes a brand spanking new pack of Magic cards when opened. Mmm.
Sensation: The giddy, butterfly-in-the-stomach craze of being around someone you love.
Movie Character: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, from Star Wars.
TV Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation.
TV Character: Data and Q, both from the above mentioned show. I don't actually watch TV.. but I have all episodes of TNG on VHS.
Emoticon: X3
Quote:"Mr. Owl, how many times must I masturbate to kill a dictator?" - Bill

<3 Six Random Facts Regarding Yourself <3

1) I just uncovered my Christmas stocking from last year and am chowing down on the Hershey's kisses I found within.. a bit stale, but still good. Kisses never really seem to go bad. :D
2) On my window ledge, there is an Anakin figurine dueling with Obi-Wan.. only, Anakin is sporting pipe-cleaner antenna and a curly-cue lightsabre. These obviously high-class additions occurred at a band banquet, at the end of this last school year, after I lost his actual lightsabre blade. x33
3) I'm thirsty. Dude, okay, random fact - I drink an inhumanly excessive amount of water. Always have since 7th grade, when I started running cross country.. then the need to be uber!hydrated was like, wired into me. Makes for frequent visits to the WC.
4) Currently employed as a portrait artist for Kaman's Art Shoppe, in Geauga Lake Amusement Park. Park guests can be nuts. I've lost track of the number of people who's requested to be drawn naked. o_O;
5) When I put on my bra, I pull it on from the feet up inside of from the head down or unfastening and refastening it. I only recently learned that this was an oddity, I never thought much of it until it was pointed out to me.
6) If there is such a phenomena as reincarnation acting on the whole lot of us, I've never been a human before. How do I know this? Because I such at interpreting and conveying human body language. Canines and felines such make so much more sense to me. XD

<3 Imagery! <3

Muahahahaa.. you will see no photos of me, only drawings! Reason being, I have no recent photos of merit anyway, but I will fix that eventually. Maybe. If only to show off my sexxy chemistry-goggle-like glasses and my 23" hair wrap. :P

A random portrait my supervisor drew of me out of boredom. She rocks at teh_arts, this was the product of around fifteen minutes; chalk pastel. :3 Uh, anyway yes, these are the beauteous glasses in question.

Semi-old self portrait. The actual thing is life sized; drawn looking in a mirror, all simply numba 2 pencil (ah, and a wee smidge of white chalk). These are my older glasses, two pairs ago.. the Harry Potter looking ones. Rrrawo. x3

Aand you get to see all of my various glasses. R0ckz0r. :D In between the chem and the HP glasses.. my elongated annoying glasses. Ink self portrait.
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Holy poop...those drawings are wonderful D: The last one is just amazing, holy crap. If I could ever draw like that, I would die happy. o.o May I also add that you are veddy pretty? :3

Eeee, I wuff ramen. I have it every other night for dinner. Kimi is not complete without the occasional bowl of ramen!

As for Star Wars, I've only seen some, but enough to know that Spaceballs is a rockin' parody and Yoda kicks serious ass. Huzzah for green lightsabers, OH YEAH.

4) Currently employed as a portrait artist for Kaman's Art Shoppe, in Geauga Lake Amusement Park. Park guests can be nuts. I've lost track of the number of people who's requested to be drawn naked. o_O;

Hahah, I can't remember how many times that boys come up to me and ask me to draw naked women. "DRAW HER WITH BIIIG BOOBIES, LOLZ!" -.-
I don't draw nekkid people for the sake of erotic pleasure...bleh!


I feel like I'm the only TMBG fan who can't afford to get albums or the movie or see concerts. Gwarrrgh. *rolls around* XD Lucky me, though, I'm finally getting some monies and I'mma gonna get me some JOHN MOVIENESS. :D w00t!


That reminds me! I got this random compilation CD a while ago, and there is a very exciting song on it called "Indiana," by the Chameleons! I've never heard of the Chameleons and I've never been to Indiana, but the chorus goes, "Hey hey hey, Anya! Hey hey hey, Anya!" and it is a very exciting song, as I mentioned earlier. I listen to it and think of you! I should send it to you or something.

Your work sounds hell of fun, especially compared to my McDonald's-clerking job, and I am super jealous. I wish I could do something that I looooove doing and get paid for it, but alas, I am of a generation of writers! Maybe it is time I start enjoying McDonald's clerking. D: But I digress.


Hooray for people who will admit to liking Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and other often-school-sanctioned books! I read it for both my 9th and 10th grade English classes, and I got the weirdest of looks from people upon telling them that I enjoyed the book itself a lot more the second time around. "But it's assigned," they say! Bah! To Kill A Mockingbird was assigned, and that's another awesome book! But I digress.

Going back to your drawing job, though, and how people ask you to... draw them naked!? D: Is it all creepy-like, like such?:
PARK-GOER. Hey, um... You do portraits, right?
ANYA. Yeah, totally!
PARK-GOER. Listen, I want you to draw me, uh... uh, nak-...
ANYA. Um, sorry, what, sir?
PARK-GOER. I want you to draw me naked.
ANYA. ...D: D: D: D: D:

But hooray for actual-size portraits! You are actual size, but you seem much more in-color-and-not-on-brown-paper to me.


Oh, also also: I HEART TEH ANYANYA.
I totally would love to hear that song. XD

Ahahahaa.. your version is more amusing then the reality, but no.. it's more like, when trying to hussle people:

ANYA. Would you like to have your portrait drawn today?
PARK-GOER. Can you draw me naked?
ANYA. Uh.. no.
PARK-GOER. Can you draw while naked then?
ANYA. That's not exactly grooming standard, so no.

Usually, it's just teenage males trying to be funny and all, the sillies. Or at least, the one request I got for such was a teenage male. Drakie's had like.. an elder, white-trash sort of person harass her about the exact same thing, only he wanted her to draw his wife naked. XD And poor Bonnie has apparently had both dudes and dudettes make such a request multiple times over the years. o_O Dunno, amoung those in attendance at amusement parks are folks a tad off their rockers. It makes life interesting. XD But yusss, I love my job, regardless. ^^

TKaM was indeed another excellent book! Many of the books assigned to be read in the classroom aren't given enough credit; a lot of them are awesome. :D